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A trip to the pumpkin patch
September 20, 2020
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On this last Sunday of summer 2020, a trip to the pumpkin patch was just what the doctor ordered.  Kids whipped off their masks and ran out into the fields, moms & dads laughed, grandparents sighed with relief, teens took a few selfies but then actually forgot about their phones for a little while...and apple cider & ice cream slushies were enjoyed by one and all. 

The season is just beginning, this Tuesday is the first day of autumn.  So if you didn't have the pleasure of getting out there today, you still have plenty of time to jump into the pumpkin patch and experience as much fun and frolicking as you need.  There is ample room for social distancing, and several appropriate signs to remind you of masks and guidelines in case you get so giddy with joy that you completely forget Covid ever even happened.

Gust Pumpkin Farm is open every day until November 1, 2020, 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., and it is located about two miles north of Sylvania.  Have some fun now with the photos below from today's jaunt, and then make some plans of your own to get out there this fall, hopefully many times. 

On a side note, Haunted Sylvania did have a nice conversation with Terese Gust concerning ghosts and ghouls. After all, 'tis the season.  Although Mrs. Gust seemed quite amused at the idea of ghosts on the family farm, she was also quite certain that she and her relations had never experienced anything even remotely spooky. 

That's okay.  We'll keep looking...

Happy Hauntings!

Welcome to the Gust Brothers Pumpkin Farm.  Grab a wagon and head on in.

Oh my gourd.  Do we shop for goodies, play with the animals, or head out into the fields?

What's in the barn?  Could it be full of fur covered creatures to fall in love with?

Cows are so sweet and cuddly and irresistible, especially with names like Blondie and Buttercup.

Thank you for showing off your photogenic side too.  Because everybody loves cows.

Piglets!  With piglety curly tails!

Must.  Feed.  Goats.

Heading back outside, where to next?

So much room to run...

There is so much space to stretch your legs and roam, and breathe in the fresh air and look at that beautiful sky and look at that beautiful giant cow's behind.  Wait, is that a giant cow?

Yup.  It's a giant cow. 

Strolling along the edge of a corn field, amazed by all the green and blue, you are caught off guard by a soft, warm breeze carrying the sound of distant whispers. 

Now getting louder, and distinct like giggling little ghosts, the voices send chills along your spine despite the mid-day sun.  You've seen this movie.

Turning to go back to the farmhouse and away from the chilling moment, you are surprised by a hidden entrance, carved into the stalks like a secret welcome to another world.

Oh.  It's a corn maze, er,  a corn trail.  But, if one dares to venture into the row upon row of swaying stalks, will they ever be seen in the light of day again?

Oh.  Looks like happy kids just came out.  Guess some do make it out alive.  Good to see.  Okay, now it's time for our reward, a fresh donut and an apple cider ice cream slushie.  Imagining ghost stories is hard work.

The Donut Barn! 

Plenty of places to cop a squat, socially-distanced style.

More places to cop a squat.  They're everywhere, so you can rest a bit then head off for more adventures.

The Bunny Barn!  Who is more adorable, cows or bunnies?

The U-Pick Flower Field goes on forever.  Stunning fall flowers.

Is it time to pick pumpkins in the U-Pick field?  There's a three-acre pumpkin patch that even The Great Pumpkin admires (he does exist).

Or there are millions of pumpkins already picked, just plop a couple in the wagon.  But leave room for the gourds, produce, corn shocks, and...maybe go back up front and grab an extra wheelbarrow too.  The market is next.

Everywhere you look, another perfect setting for fall family photos!

The Gust Farm Market is very welcoming, and full of amazing produce, homemade Amish jam, maple syrup, honey, fall wreaths, and more!

Well hello there, Griffin Gust!  Anybody ever tell you what a great family farm this is?  

There she is, Queen of the Kingdom.  Always busy as a bee, you'll find Terese Gust working in the Gust Farm Market most days, so stop by and say "Hello!"  Today she's sporting her new handy-dandy "Haunted Sylvania" tote from The Sylvania Shop, what a strange coincidence! 


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