A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch 2021
Gust Brothers Pumpkin Farm

Haunted Sylvania 2021

The season is just beginning, and a trip to the pumpkin farm is a perfect way to start it off on the right foot.  Gust Pumpkin Farm is open every day, 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., until October 31, 2021, and it is located about two miles north of Sylvania, 13639 Mulberry Rd, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267.

UPDATE:  Due to the rain, hayrides will not run the weekend of September 25, 2021.  The farm is open but please dress appropriately for muddy fields.  Visit their Facebook page for the most current information:  

Haunted Sylvania The Stories Are Real
Gust Goodies

Welcome to the Gust Brothers Pumpkin Farm-- You just may want to head straight for the Donut Barn for fresh baked goods, fresh brewed coffee, apple fritters, pumpkin donuts, and lots more.


The perfect place for your family photo is right here.  


Fuzzy friends are found everywhere at Gust.


Well Hello!

everybody loves cows

Cows are so sweet and cuddly and irresistible, especially with names like Blondie and Buttercup.

moe cows

Thank you for showing off your photogenic side too.  Because everybody loves cows.

curly tailed piglets

Piglets!  With piglety curly tails!

goats gust

Must.  Feed.  Goats.

DSC_0047 goodies eeveryhwer.jpg

Heading back outside, where to next?

cow behind

There is so much space to stretch your legs and roam, and breathe in the fresh air , though it is a bit muddy from the rain.  Wear your ourdoor shoes!

cop a squat

Plenty of places to sit and relax, socially-distanced style.

the bunny barn

The Bunny Barn!  Who is more adorable, cows or bunnies?

U pick flower field

The U-Pick Flower Field goes on forever.  Stunning fall flowers.

u pick pumpkins 2020

Is it time to pick pumpkins in the U-Pick field?  Acres of pumpkins await!

pumpkins rows

Or there are millions of pumpkins already picked, just plop a couple in the wagon.  But leave room for the gourds, produce, corn shocks, and...maybe go back up front and grab an extra wheelbarrow too.  The market is next.

market is welcoming

The Gust Farm Market is very welcoming, and full of amazing produce, homemade Amish jam, maple syrup, honey, fall wreaths, and more!


So much wonderful, country-fresh deliciousness to take home with you!

terese gust 2020

There she is, Terese Gust hard at work in the Gust Farm Market.  She has her own personal her "Haunted Sylvania" tote, where on earth did she get one of those! 

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