Sylvania Flying School Drawstring Bag
  • Sylvania Flying School Drawstring Bag

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    The hottest thing in Sylvania, because it's perfect for soaring through the skies with your friends.  Lightweight, durable and versatile.  Thinking of a quick trip to the gym, library, or maybe even to the moon?  We have two full moons this October, so this is the perfect time to hop on your broomstick, and don't forget your "Sylvania Flying School" gear!  This bag is the perfect storage system for those quick hops and light travels, to the stars and back.

    .: Made of spun polyester
    .: Fully lined with black sheeting
    .: Small zipper pocket inside

    One Size
    Length, in
    Width, in
    Drawcord length , in
    23.63 - 25.6