Have a happily haunted evening in Sylvania

September 7 2020 social media post...

Here's hoping you have a Happily Haunted evening in Sylvania, and as the sun goes down, remember--

When the wind grows restless with the murmur of voices, and shadows move just out of the corner of your eye, it may not be just your imagination that's giving you shivers....

As you've passed through town during recent days, a most unlikely event has taken place in the cemetery on Monroe Street, amidst all the hustle and bustle of our normal daily lives. Bulldozers have been mercilessly attacking the pond that is tucked into the beautiful clearing at the back of the cemetery. The water has been drained, the bottom excavated, and the countless souls whose ashes were scattered along the rippling surface of those serene waters...Well, who is to say what those souls and spirits are doing at this exact moment. Odds are, though, they are not happy, nor content to remain peacefully quiet and well behaved. Stories of paranormal activity escalating after the resting places of the dead have been disturbed are well documented, and should serve as a warning to take care. The month of two full moons draws near, and when things go bump in the night in Sylvania, you may not want to just dismiss it as "nothing."



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