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Sylvania featured in Documentary

Sylvania's murderous past revealed in PBS documentary
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Is it real, or just another legend?


Ohio's greatest ghost story was told last October in "Legends of the Heartland: The Life and Crimes of Return Ward, vol 1" presented by WGTE Public Media.

*The documentary is now available on Blue Ray and DVD, click here to purchase:  https://bit.ly/LegendsDVD

Five different locations with multiple eye-witnesses lead to the belief that downtown Sylvania, Ohio is being haunted by the spirits of a serial killer and his final victim, his wife.

Produced and Directed by Christopher Tillman and Sarah Chelten,  a Haunted Toledo documentary presented by WGTE Public Media.

An Ohio Ghost Story

June 12, 1857. Return Ward, a man who many believe is Ohio's first serial killer, was hanged for his crimes at the Lucas County courthouse in downtown Toledo, Ohio. He was a brutal man who committed brutal crimes, and many believe his evil still resonates to this day.

The pilot episode of Haunted Toledo's upcoming TV series, "Legends of the Heartland," will take you on a journey through murderous history and bone-chilling claims of the paranormal that will leave you believing a 19th Century horror still holds a downtown suburban city in its icy grip.

This is the greatest ghost story you'll ever hear, and every bit of it is true!

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