Discover Ohio's Most Haunted Town

Explore the history & hauntings of the Buckeye State
from the scariest town within it's borders

Journey to the sleepy little suburb where restless spirits roam with Minerva Moonlight‘s collection of true tales, whispered legends, and all things Halloween in Ohio.

From 1803 to today, Ohio has had quite the hair-raising history of fright & frolic on Halloween night.


But in one small town, the fun lasts all year long...

Welcome to Haunted Sylvania

Ghosts and goblins

For trick and treat

Know this is the land

Where sun and moon meet.  

On All Hallow‘s Eve

When the midnight bells ring

The Spirits awake

And their song we shall sing.  


Ten Mile Creek Is their road in & out

On the banks they will dance

‘Til morn comes about.  

But beware the white lady

If she bids them to stay

They may choose to remain here

And never go away.

Beginning with the legend of The White Lady, then on to paranormal events experienced by an incredible number of residents in modern-day Sylvania, and ending with true-life murders and mayhem, Sylvania, Ohio truly has a tale to tell.  And for the first time in print, Haunted Sylvania: The Book,  Volume I  includes  the complete, true story of Return Jonathon Meigs Ward, Sylvania's infamous and gruesome killer that shocked the nation in 1857.  He was caught, but only after he spread the ashes of his murdered wife up and down the streets of Sylvania.

Published by Sylvania History Buffs, Edited by Amazon #1 Author Amanda Kay, Haunted Sylvania: The Book  is destined for your favorite spot on the coffee table!


Since 1680, the area from the Maumee River to the Michigan state line has been a stage where grisly and gruesome acts of passion have been playing out.  Old books, journals and newspapers tell us of battles between the French, British, traders, settlers, and Native Americans; with soldiers ripping out the hearts of their victims, curses laid upon the land by departing Native Americans, and later, husbands murdering their wives.  Could this be the cause of the astonishingly high amount of paranormal activity in this quaint little midwestern town?


Whispered tales of ghostly spirits on the prowl began to rise almost as soon as the first blow fell over three hundred years ago, and the annual celebration of Halloween did nothing to tamp it down--then, and now. 


The Sylvanians of today find themselves right in the middle of it all, leaving some to often wonder...Is this Sylvania, Ohio, the beloved City of Trees, or is this Haunted Sylvania?


Enjoy a step back in time as you discover the answer to that question...If you dare!

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