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The Book of Truth, Magic, and Mystery

Excerpt- Perrysburg, Ohio, 1882

Perrysburg Journal, January 6 1882
(Perrysburg, Ohio)


--Ghosts and ghost stories are becoming too numerous, since the suicide of Scharlach, for a quiet and well regulated community like this.  The ghost of Scharlach has been visible to the naked eye, in the minds of many, within the past week.  The liveliest experience with the ghost is that reported for Tuesday’s Toledo Telegram as having occurred on Saturday night.  

Mr. Wm. Budd called at this office yesterday and informed us that it was not true that he ran on the appearance of the ghost and distributed along the road his sack of flour, coffee, tea, sugar, and numerous other articles of provisions laid in for the week; that he did not run at all, but on the contrary informed his ghostship to keep a respectable distance and not come monkeying around him.  He says that Frank Thorton was the man that did the running, and deserted him entirely on the first appearance of the ghost.


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